Bringing Intelligence to your Surveillance System

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Our goal is to keep you and your possessions safe, giving you the freedom from anxiety that so many of us crave.


The core of our business is to bring intelligence to your surveillance system.

The use of state-of-the-art computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and IP cameras have enabled us to create a seamless security eco-system for businesses and homes.

Our Surion App puts you, the owner, in charge of the entire process.

How it Works

Our system works in real time, instantly alerting you via your Surion App on your phone when an intruder is detected.

You are also able to view this live on your Surion App.

Surion Products

Our products are state of the art, intelligent and beautifully designed.

They seamlessly integrate with your life.

Intelligent alerts

"Surion Sense intelligently alerts me only if there is a person in my yard.
I have no more false alarms from branches blowing in the wind."


"My Surion Sense blends in perfectly with my lifestyle. It is there when I need it without the hassle of constantly switching it on and off."

Virtual Fence

"We use the Surion Sense to create a virtual fence within our workshop.
I can now track and be alerted when unauthorised staff enter our sensitive areas."

Awesome Service

"Fantastic concept, backed up by awesome service and support. "


Safe Refuge

I love my home, and I love staying alone. My home is and should always be my happy place. It is therefore very important for me that my house provides a safe refuge at all times.